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Changing the weight of the workplace

An organization is only as healthy as its employees

Obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases place a significant financial burden on individuals and organizations

Obesity Drives:


More than 80% of our healthcare dollars are spent treating chronic lifestyle diseases – almost all of which are caused by or exacerbated by obesity


People suffering from obesity have much higher rates of inpatient services, emergency services, and prescription drug utilization than those of normal weight


Employees with obesity are much more likely to be absent from work. They also have higher rates of presenteeism and incur significantly higher costs in the area of disability and worker’s compensation

Learn how a disease management program targeting obesity can improve the health and overall healthcare spend of your organization

Your employees want to be healthy. Give them the tools they need to live vibrant, productive lives. It will benefit everyone.

Direct healthcare costs are 37-200% more for employees with obesity. The prevalence of obesity is steadily rising. Do you know what this looks like for your organization?

In order to change this, you have to involve three key groups of people: