Our Mission:

Over 88% of Americans suffer from one or more chronic lifestyle diseases. Over 75% of Americans suffer from excess weight. These numbers increase every year. People want to be healthier. Healthcare providers want to help their patients. So why aren’t we making a dent in these statistics? The system is broken.

Most healthcare providers have little (or no) training in evidence-based weight management

Most patients that need it have little (or no) access to evidence-based weight management

We are changing this one organization at a time!

Health Partners MD provides a proven framework designed to improve the health and weight of individuals

Health Partners MD offers organizations a diverse menu of options designed to implement a framework that clinicians and patients can use to effectively treat excess weight and chronic lifestyle diseases. This framework can be customized to fit the size, culture, and needs of any organization – from individual physicians starting a new Obesity Medicine practice to large, diverse corporations.

There are over 5000 physicians in the US and Canada currently board-certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. The demand for this training is great. Translating knowledge into practice and creating a treatment framework built upon that knowledge is a whole different process. We help bridge that gap.

On-site clinics, health coaches, and disease management programs are tools utilized to improve the health culture and healthcare spend of an organization. Utilization, patient outcomes data, and ROI could all be dramatically improved by integrating them within an effective obesity treatment framework.

Most employee wellness programs include a weight management component. However, the majority are based upon the unproven dogma of “eat less and move more” – which has not been proven to result in sustained weight loss. These programs typically miss the people that need them the most – that are looking for something more.